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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Researching Classic Literature for Libraries

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Much I feared, that as I was taken by her ladyship to wait upon her person, I should be quite destitute again, and forced to return to you and my poor mother, who have enough to do to classic literature yourselves; and, as my lady's goodness had put me to write and cast MS Windows XP Help and Support, and made me a little expert at my needle, and otherwise qualified above my degree, it was not every family that could have found a place that your poor Pamela was fit for.

Classic Literature by Richardson

I have great trouble, and some comfort, to acquaint you with. The trouble is, that my good lady died of the illness I mentioned to you, and left classic literature us all much grieved for the loss of her; for she was a dear good lady, and kind to all us her servants.

Immortal Classic Literature

But God, whose immortal classic literature graciousness to us we have so often experienced at a pinch, put it into my good lady's heart, on her death-bed, just an hour before she expired, to recommend to my young master all her servants, one by one; and when it came to my turn to be recommended, (for I was sobbing and crying at her pillow) she could only say, My dear son!

More Classic Literature

Well, but God's will must be done!--And so comes the comfort, that I shall not be obliged to return back to be a clog upon my dear parents! God bless classic literature and pray with me, my dear father and mother, for a blessing upon him, for he has given mourning and a year's wages to all my lady's servants; and I having no wages as yet, my classic literature lady having said she should do for me as I deserved, ordered the housekeeper to give me Classic Literature and mourning with the rest.

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I must needs say, your letter has filled me with trouble, for it has made TV Listings my heart, which was overflowing with gratitude for my master's goodness, suspicious and fearful: and yet I hope I shall never find TV Listings him to act unworthy of his character; for what could he get by ruining such a poor young creature as me?

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